About Us

Via Emmaus Tours is a Christian family owned travel agency that can trace its lineage in this industry back to the early 1980s through different establishments. Irrelevant of the period of time in question, Via Emmaus Tours’ professional career has always been known for its irrefutable excellence in the tourism industry at the hands of the owning family.

Inherently, over the last 25 years, the family of Via Emmaus Tours has always been recognized, globally and locally, to the authenticity of being premier travel agents in the tourism industry. The latter is echoed through their clear vision and exhibited through their ever-growing number of international clients.

Travelling with Via Emmaus is travelling under the guardianship of travel professionals with a clear vision; a vision of excellence, where every pilgrim will experience the perfect pilgrimage.

The Holy Land. Avoiding the political divides of the present, represents a combined area inclusive of the states of Israel, Palestine, and significant portions of the Kingdom of Jordan, as well as parts of southern Lebanon and Syria.

Given the geographical placement of the Holy Land, and it serving as a land bridge connecting Asia, Europe and Africa together, one can only begin to imagine the history witnessed in the Holy Land. From the dawn of man, to the rise and fall of the most prolific empires in history, on to the lifetime of Christ, and through to the millennials to follow, the Holy Land stands as a testament to time.

The significance of the Holy Land isn’t known for its geographical location, rather it is known for its importance to all the three Abrahamic religions. For Jews, it is the promised Land of the prophet Moses, and the subsequent rich history forged over time, and evidently clear in the Torah and Old Testament alike. For Muslims, the Holy Land is the host to the third holiest site is all of Islam; the Dome of the Rock, from which the prophet Mohammad rose to Heaven, the event known as the Isra and Mi’raj.

Yet, for Christians, the Hold Land is synonymous with the biblical land of Israel. The land where Christ was born and raised, the land on which Christ travelled, preached, cured, preformed miracles and most importantly brought us into the Light of the Father. The Holy Land represents the origins Christianity, and the starting point of the Church.

The Holy Land today is the destination, where you, a pilgrim, can walk in the footsteps of Christ and learn of the origins of the Church. The Holy Land is the destination to learn of the past, and to experience the cultures of ancient and modern times.