The Holy Land and Jordan

Our most comprehensive tour allowing the pilgrim to visit the most important religious and archaeological sites in The Holy land and Jordan.

Holy Land Pilgrimage - 10 D & 9 N

This tour allows you to visit the relious sites and some archaeological ones at a more leisurly pace. Giving more time to admire and meditate. 

Holy Land Pilgrimage - 9 D & 8 N

A more elaborate tour that covers not just the religious sites but some archaeological ones as well, suitable for all pilgrims and those interested in history.

Holy Land Pilgrimage 7 D & 6 N

A sample of our most basic tours that covers all the important Holy Sites, suitable for all pilgrims. You can start with a 2 nights in the North and 4 nights in…

Holy Land Pilgrimage - 8 D & 7 N

A simple and straight forward basic itinerary for your consideration that spans eight days and seven nights suitable for all pilgrims. All our tours can be…